Latest HFEA Success Rates - Published May 2014

Live births per treatment cycle started in the year ending 2nd quarter 2012


Live birth rates per cycle started below age 35

The Burton Fertility Clinic 38.9%
Birmingham Women’s Hospital 36.0%
Midlands Fertility Services 35.3%
BMI Priory Hospital 34.6%
Shropshire & Mid-Wales 33.7%
Centre for Reproductive Medicine Coventry 28.4%


Live birth rates  per cycle started  all ages

The Burton Fertility Clinic 31.7%
Midlands Fertility Services 31.34%
Birmingham Women’s Hospital 30.10%
Shropshire & Mid-Wales 26.95%
BMI Priory Hospital 24.39%
Centre for Reproductive Medicine Coventry 22.97%